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The Canis Lupus is a long standing locals favorite...

by Burritos and Snow March 18 2013 0 Comments

Sometimes I feel like being in a giving mood so here is a small bit of “local knowledge” for visitors to Canyons Resort of Park City Utah. Located off the Super Condor Express lift at Canyons Resort is a local staple, the Canis Lupus. Marked simply as “natural halfpipe” on the trail map the Canis Lupus is one of the most challenging and popular runs (for locals) at Canyons. Do not let the fact that the adjoining run to Canis Lupus “Boa” is a blue run in a sea of double blacks allow you to underestimate this insanely difficult journey.  Basically Canis is a small gully full of all sorts of obstacles from rocks and roots to logs and snow boulders. The mile long run full of blind turns, unexpected bumps, and sketchy berms is host to the annual Canis Lupus Slalom each season at The Canyons. This great event sees contestants shooting down Canis at top speeds in search of that elusive fastest time. In an era where there seems to be banked slalom courses being made weekly for contests the Canis Lupus is the real deal of unadulterated natural terrain viewable only a few feet at a time. This run is so popular a quick search on Youtube will produce over a dozen pages of footage from locals placing their best runs online for bragging rights. So next time you come visit The Canyons Resort and really want to test your mettle take that little unmarked trail just off Super Condor Express and see what you are made of but warning it is not for the faint of heart...


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Daniel Cochrane grew up on the East Coast and South East where he surfed and skateboarded. Upon moving to Salt Lake City in 1996 picking up snowboarding was a no brainer. He has spent much of the sixteen years since exploring all that the Wasatch has to offer from groomers and backcountry to powder days and park laps. His background in skateboarding definitely shows itself in his riding not only in the park but in his free riding as well. The DIY (Do It Yourself) aspect of the snow/skate culture prompted him to begin writing about his adventures three seasons ago on his own blog. The success of that blog led to writing with other snow outlets around Utah and ultimately to writing for Ride Utah. Basically Daniel loves snowboarding and Utah and he just wont shut up about it….

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