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Are You In?

by Powderhound Cat February 11 2011 0 Comments

Look at this map.

Do you know someone in this circle?

circle-map (circle-map)


I’ve driven through Southern Utah dozens of times. On the way to and from Vegas. When I moved to Park City. To and from Vegas some more.

But I’d never stopped.

So this year, as part of a grand birthday celebration trip to Vegas, I stopped at Brian Head Ski Resort. Best idea ever.

All you need to do is look at the map.

And tell anyone you know that might be in that circle, or close to it, that they need to ski Brian Head. That's a short drive - I did it. I know.

I think I’m allowed to say I wasn’t sure what to expect. And that Brian Head met and exceeded anything I imagined. I met people that would rather hang in perfect Southern Utah killing waitless lifts than sit in CA resorts being lost. 

I think I'm allowed to tell you that my room at the Grand Lodge was nicer than my room in Vegas.

Call your Mom. Tell your friends. Send them links. 

It's silly pretty out there.

bhr-red-rocks (bhr-red-rocks)

It's effortless.

dsc_0524 (dsc_0524)

It's a dream.


To live in Park City and want to plan a trip back to Southern Utah, that's saying a lot. 


Stay tuned for anther post more in depth about the mountain and the resort.

I just had to let you know: Southern Utah has this picturesque resort you can't miss.



*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat

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Catherine Killfoil has spent the last four seasons going from rookie to expert on and off the slopes. Resorts! Park City Living! Ski Culture! Smirnoff Ice! Why they call it the White Room! Follow her to learn from her experiences (the good, the bad, and the powdery) and to see what Utah can offer every level of skier. Check out her "How To" series for the tips and tricks that everyone needs to crush winter in style.

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