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Hops on the Hill

by Powderhound Cat July 16 2012 0 Comments

Park City is overwhelming in the summer. There's an event, free concert, or gorgeous sunset every night of the week. Add to that the mountain biking, frisbee golf - and we're all busy. Here I am anyway urging you to take the time to try something new, something that has me really thrilled. 

Stein Eriksen's became one of my favorite places this winter. Remember my spa visit? I also stopped by every chance I got for a happy hour drink or fondue treat. Now they are tempting me with a new series of events, called Hops on the Hill.

What to expect? Well, Chef Zane is one of the best in my book (and Powderhound Matt's and Kim Fischer's too from Food and Wine Fest) - so I was drawn in by the news of his barbeque pairings. Then, live music. Then, craft beers! What more could you ask for?

You can get there anytime before 4:30 and the concert starts at 6. I will for sure be there the 24th. Come say hi!

hops (hops)


COST:  $30 in advance – call 435-645-6455 to reserve; $35 at the event; $125 series pass.  Cost includes beer samples, food, and souvenir glass.  Non-alcoholic pricing available (50% Food & 50% Beer)

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