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Let's Make It Snow

by Powderhound Cat December 12 2011 3 Comments

There isn't much to complain about here in Utah. Our resorts are open, they are making snow, and doing a great job grooming runs for fast sunny ski days.

We're in better shape than other places in the country from what I've seen.

But we can't lie. We are Powderhounds. We want some snow!

I've heard of various things we can do to help:

I saw the Yeti asking you about a snow dance on Facebook. I'm not a dancer, but I will wash my car this week.

I am going to put some trail maps in the freezer.

I'm also playing with my food: Making a snowflake every day.

bacon snowflake (img_2983)

I've heard we should be sleeping with our pjs inside out. 

The funniest one I've heard is flushing ice down the toilet. Think it would work?

Let's all sing songs with the word "White" at the top of our lungs, host bonfires, and do our snow dances. Maybe the weather pattern will change, and La Niña will remember us and come back where she belongs!

What other things can we do to hasten the next big dump?

It will come, and when it does, we can share the credit.

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat

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Catherine Killfoil has spent the last three seasons going from rookie to expert on and off the slopes. She explores the resorts, her Park City hometown, and the ski lifestyle and culture eagerly. Follow her and share her experiences to see what Utah can offer every level of skier. Check out her "How To" series for the tips and tricks that every skier needs.

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