Missing Snowbird Already

Powderhound Cat

By Powderhound Cat \ May 27 2014 \ 0 Comments

Are you sad? Out of Kleenex? Are you, like me, wiping your tears onto your flannel shirtsleeves?

The "Ski Season Goodbye" officially commences when the last lift in Utah spins. I had the least number of days on slopes since we started this blogger/reader relationship. Thankfully they were better than ever. Few and far between is the Weekend Warrior's struggle - but when the season extends into May how can we possibly complain?

Hopefully you made it up to Snowbird this weekend. Monday was the most fun I've had on a Memorial Day in...yeah, ok, ever. So killer to be driving up from the valley in sunny warm weather and a silly costume. We drove by the guys in bike shorts, the ladies running with their strollers, the rock climbers basking on the rocks in the sun. We kept Life Elevated for one more day. We geared up - minus the typical requirements of gloves, and even pants...and gave thanks on the mountain for the season past.

It's too easy to talk yourself out of it and hang up the skis. But I have a truth for you - it's pretty easy to throw the boots and skis back into your trunk. The crowd and community on days like this weekend are the most avid. They are family. They love the snow above all else.

So for now, we will fill our time. There are concerts and festivals and parties and things to keep us busy. But even as the weather warms, we all have the thought in our hearts - we're one step closer to the next snowfall.

So go ahead and pack up your gear powder lovers. We can wait, every day is one day closer to the next snowfall. Winter is coming. Let's ski next year. A few more days. A few extra runs. With a few new friends. Appreciate every chance. 

*Let summer fly by and let it snow*

Powderhound Cat

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