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Powderhound Cat's Personal Canyons

by Powderhound Cat January 29 2011 0 Comments

When a resort begins one part of a multi-phase, multi-million dollar renovation, people talk. Things change. The buzz in Utah was palpable. The Park City resort debate got intense.

What happened there had a profound effect on me personally, and on my skiing. I think it’s okay to tell you I never really thought much about Canyons - it was just my big back yard.

My personal relationship with Canyons blossomed this year just like the mountain did. You’ve heard about all the main changes already - that bubble lift, new food.


cloud-dine (cloud-dine)


What you might not know about, if you haven’t experienced it already, is all the little things that have transformed visiting the Canyons from just a day out skiing to an event.

What stands out to me are all the little things.

Look at this sign:


img_4224 (img_4224)

Every time I pass a lift I see a little “A Better Way To Mountain” tip. Love it. As most of you know, “How Do You Mountain” was the recent contest the Canyons used to pick some awesome bloggers (congratulations Kaylin and Andy!!).

The new signage on the lift chairs helps me get around:


img_4225 (img_4225)


The Transitions Terrain Park is killer. I’m still learning, but there’s something for everyone that wants to try it out!

And truthfully, there’s a whole new attitude. I’ve been there a handful of times this winter and there are people there that remember my name. Everyone says hello. When a friend was confused on the little tow rope, she got help and a “way to go”! when she made it up.

 That’s the little things that to me make a mountain really shine, and made me one of the Canyons biggest fans! Be sure to come see for yourself.


*Let it snow*


Powderhound Cat


Powderhound Cat

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Powderhound Cat

Catherine Killfoil

Catherine Killfoil has spent the last three seasons going from rookie to expert on and off the slopes. She explores the resorts, her Park City hometown, and the ski lifestyle and culture eagerly. Follow her and share her experiences to see what Utah can offer every level of skier. Check out her "How To" series for the tips and tricks that every skier needs.

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