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Remember that one time?

by Powderhound Cat December 13 2013 0 Comments

Hey there - hope you've been out hitting the slopes!

Last weekend I went out Friday night with some of the best people I've met in my entire life - my ski buddies. The Powder Awards are a huge reminder to me that the ski community is the most loving, fun, creative, passionate group I know. I'm proud to be a small part. In between drinks with some notable locals, we grabbed a ride on the Downtown SLC Jingle Bus and got ourselves to The Depot. What a cool venue. It was done up in perfect style, and the dress code was anything goes. Hugs, back slaps, stories and chugging contests were everywhere.

The lights went down, the show went live, and the innovators of our sport were recognized. I don't know how long you've ever been out in the cold, but the true heroes are the people nabbing those perfect shots of killer lines, and it's fun to see them celebrated.  

Then Saturday it was early ups to Deer Valley, in a nice storm - to take in the downhill celebrities enjoying the unique Park City culture. Every year the guest list grows, and if you followed me socially you saw I was most certainly treated to meeting some exceptional actors and actresses, that were there to raise money for a great foundation. Can't lie, after a great lunch the best part for me was making some turns in the fresh snow. Deer Valley never disappoints! I hope you enjoyed following along and thanks for the likes/shares/retweets. They keep me employed as a snow bunny! :)

What is the next event you're looking forward to? 

*Let it snow*


Powderhound Cat




Powderhound Cat

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