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Skiing 100 Days. Also, Face Tattoos.

by Powderhound Cat April 27 2012 2 Comments


Well, it is winding down. Most of our wonderful Utah resorts have said goodbye, "The End", and the lifts have stopped running everywhere but Alta, and Snowbird

So... can we finally talk about it already? 

It wasn't what you expected. After last year this year seemed to stop, start, stop, and never deliver.

Some of you were sad. Some of you were angry. And some of you skied anyway. Good for you!

This season was the first time I made the century mark, skiing 100+ (total 105 as of today) days in a single season. Some of you have done this before.


I mean, it was nuts. Get up, pack the car, ski, sleep, repeat. What an adventure.

Let's be real. No one is humble about running the Boston Marathon. Or climbing Everest. They shouldn't be - it's a BIG DEAL.

So is skiing 100 plus days. I want to give you all ribbons. Congratulations to you if you've ever skied 100 days in one season. If you do it over and over, super congrats!

Utah is the amazing place because as bad is you think it felt, it was worse almost everywhere else. Think about it - did any of these resorts, in early December when they started blowing snow, have any clue that we'd be relying on their amazing work to get us through the whole season? 

I want to thank every resort, every employee, every water pump that worked, for the help Mother Nature needed. That being said, though, don't discount the wonderful, epic powder days we did manage to enjoy. I can go back and see Matt's videos or my photos of this season, and still think it was a great one.  Besides, after the 6'' of snow that fell last night, Alta and Snowbird are approaching 400'' for the year.

I did a little video wrap up with PCTV:

So in closing, maybe you get a t-shirt bragging on your 100 days, or go for the face tattoo - I'm tempted. Get ready for some fun summer adventures, but don't forget about us here at I saved some footage from this season to share over the summer, and hopefully we'll be out and about covering the lifestyle of our great state. Enjoy the time in between - and see you next snowfall! I'll keep an eye out for your face tattoo.

Powderhound Cat



Powderhound Cat

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