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Spring Skiing Rules!

by Powderhound Cat March 14 2012 1 Comment

Remember last year, when we talked about signs ski season *might* be over? Powderhound Matt's reply was "it's NEVER over!"

That's how I feel about the coming month.

I think Canyons is a great place to spend some of the most fun ski days of the season. You know the ones: sometimes they start late, it's really bright and sunny, and after cruising a few laps, you are ready to head to the bar or sit outside and enjoy a meal!

Spring conditions compel me to get to the mountain and enjoy the slopes, and stay for the après scene.

I asked a few friends to come out and see what Canyons offered on a typical Saturday afternoon:

They loved it. Don't give up too early on our season, some of the best days of sun, fun, and friends can be yours now.

Click here to see the upcoming events and concerts included in Spring Grüv.

Pond Skimming is March 24th, and pre registration is open now. It's always a fun event to come watch. If you enter, be sure and bring some good bribes for the judges...I'll be one of them!

*Let it snow*

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