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The Skiing Minority

by Powderhound Cat November 25 2013 0 Comments

The last two times I've been out (STILL can't believe how many lift serviced days before Thanksgiving this is) I've been outnumbered. 

I have been hanging with some of my new coworkers and every single one of them snowboards. I've had a blast learning from them, being impressed by their mad skills, and watching them just be all around awesome.

What is the demographic of your group? I learned to ski at Deer Valley and knew mostly skiers, mostly racers. As I've expanded my social network I've noticed a few things about my 'crew' that I really like:

*Many locals that have lived here have tried skiing, snowboarding, and something else - be it tele, snow surfing or mountaineering. So adventurous.

*Everyone I know is wearing a helmet. Super happy to be with people smart enough to wear a brain bucket. So important.

*I now ride with more snowboarders. I love their style, and yes since I love Brighton so much that's usually where we are.

*We're pretty techy. Everyone has a smartphone. I love how we all use them for tracking, photos. panoramic pics, yelling at each other...

*We love good gear. It seems the average skier/rider is becoming much more savvy to the effects quality clothing, equipment, and accessories can have to your ski day.

*We take video. And then? I see people filming all the time. Then I ask what they do with it, and it's not much. Ha!

What about you - have you noticed any interesting trends in your ski posse?

Enjoy the photos of my friends! 


*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat


Powderhound Cat

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