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Weekend Warrior Resolutions

by Powderhound Cat December 24 2013 1 Comment

But this whole weekend warrior thing? It keeps getting harder!

Non-skiing friends outnumber the crowd I used to surround myself with, the all-day every day, who cares when it snowed last crew.

Friday rolls around and a few office mates are talking about skiing but for the most part, that isn't the case.Add to that the holidays and it is so easy to be wiped out, to sleep in, to choose Crack-of-noon Club over First Chair Club. I can't be the only one that was ready for bed at 6 on the Winter Solstice...zzzzz.

So this Weekend Warrior thing needs some help. My Powderhound Resolutions are to keep the stoke high. Take new friends skiing. Teach them to love the mountains. Get up at 7 a.m. 7 days a week to not miss an hour of the lifts spinning. Stay for that one more run. Powerfully persuade the crew that the apres can wait.

The ski season goes by TOO FAST and if I let my work week interfere suddenly I'll have regrets.So my resolutions are all about reminding myself the effort is worth it. Dragging myself to the car in the early morning light. Staying home on a Friday night to load up the car and plan the day.

I can even read my OLD BLOGS for inspiration... ;) It shouldn't be hard - once you're there taking laps you remember it doesn't get any better.

What are you resolving this New Years?

I hope your 2013 goes out with great powdery turns and you ring in 2014 in style - with Christmas ski gifts and celebrations with loved ones.

As always, thanks for reading - I appreciate you all.

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat


Powderhound Cat

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Powderhound Cat

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Catherine Killfoil has spent the last four seasons going from rookie to expert on and off the slopes. Resorts! Park City Living! Ski Culture! Smirnoff Ice! Why they call it the White Room! Follow her to learn from her experiences (the good, the bad, and the powdery) and to see what Utah can offer every level of skier. Check out her "How To" series for the tips and tricks that everyone needs to crush winter in style.

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