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Paradise Found at Powder Mountain

by Happy Painter January 5 2009 0 Comments

img_83571-450x300 (img_83571-450x300)Powder Mountain, with it's endless glades, bowls, chutes, and acres upon acres of untracked powder, is one of Utah's best kept secrets.  Arriving at the resort, it becomes immediately apparent that this place is special.  

Ever seen the movie Out Cold? The line "Don't Go Changin'" pretty much sums it up.  It's the kind of place where the employees are more excited to be there then you can even imagine (And they are just about the only people you are going to run into on the Mountain).  It's just the way I picture Alta about 30 years ago.   

img_8358-450x281 (img_8358-450x281)We got there in the morning immediately headed over to Paradise Lift.  On the first run we found large stashes of untracked powder  in Silver Horn and Powder Keg.  We were stoked, we thought we had found something special.  It didn't take long to realize that there was powder to be found everywhere!  On every run of every lift, and none of it had been touched.  As the snow fell around us, conditions kept getting better and we explored more of the 2,800 acres of lift serviced terrain.   

The last few runs were spent collecting faceshots in Powder Country, an area of 1,200 additional acres that are serviced by a shuttle bus.  

img_83641-400x600 (img_83641-400x600)

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