Snowy Surprises at Alta

Happy Painter

By Happy Painter \ January 28 2009 \ 0 Comments

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I woke up late this morning and had to sacrifice my ritualistic snow report session in order to get my roomate to work in time. I had heard from friends that Tuesday was a blue sky powder day and that there might be some snow left for me on Wednesday morning.

To my suprise, I arrived at Alta's Wildcat base on snowy roads and 3 inches of fresh snow dusting the cars parked in the lot. By the end of the day we were skiing on 9 inches of fresh with pockets of thigh and waist deep powder in the trees and chutes. The best snow was found by taking the high traverse from the Collins lift to High Rustler and High Nowhere.

Here are a few pictures from our escapade:

img_8516-450x300 (img_8516-450x300)
img_8546-450x300 (img_8546-450x300)
img_8527-450x300 (img_8527-450x300)

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