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The Hunt Is Over

by Happy Painter January 12 2008 0 Comments

When I first heard someone mention Powder Mountain I thought that someone was referring to the Magic Mountain attraction at Disney World. When I realized it was actually the name of a ski resort I was surprised that someone would be lame enough to call it that. Then I skied it!

img_5237aa (img_5237aa)

Now that I have experienced the awesomeness that is Powder Mountain I fully understand why they would call it that.

When I hear "Powder Day" I think of floating, faceshots, and the white room. But closed canyons, long tram lines, and a mad dash to beat the crowd to freshies also come to mind.

At Powder Mountain it's different. With no lift lines and endless powder terrain there is no reason to rush. Here you can enjoy your powder run with complete confidence that if you decide to do the same run again you will get just as many fresh tracks as the first time.

img_5221aa (img_5221aa)I went to Powder Mountain with the hope of finding powder stashes and letting you, the reader, know about them. The funny thing is, everywhere we looked there was powder and we never resorted to a pow stash hunt.

We spent the morning skiing laps on the Paradise Lift where we were amazed at how much untracked terrain was so easily accessible from the lift. We spent most of our time skiing the open bowl on the straight shot and powder horn runs.

At around mid-day the terrain below the lift was far from tracked out, however we noticed that no one was skiing it anymore. This made us question if there was something we didn't know about.

We did some investigating and discovered Powder Country. The thing about Powder Mountain is that the base is at the top of a canyon road. This means that the Sunrise and Hidden Lake Express lifts you can access an extra 1,200 acres of terrain which lead down to the canyon road. There you are picked up by a shuttle bus. The bus is free and the terrain is super fun. It is something that every powder skier needs to do in their lifetime!

img_5253aa (img_5253aa)


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