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Powder mountain opened this morning with a fresh blanket of snow! I guess Mother Nature ...

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1 day, 13 resorts - Park City's take on it.

by Happy Painter January 13 2009 0 Comments


Here is Paula over at Park City's take on the whole fiesta.

"Ski Utah set off this morning at 5 a.m. to complete a mission that no other group has attempted before - to ski all 13 Utah resorts in one day. Park City Mountain Resort was happy to join in the fun and was the fourth resort that the Ski Utah team skied today. After taking a quick interview with Utah's Fox 13 and KSL, they boarded PayDay lift and skied down Payday run. The members of the team included Jake Bogosh of Skiing Magazine, Park City TV, Deseret Morning News, a freelancer for the Boston Globe and Ski Utah members and employees. It was really thrilling to see it all unfold. I came out to get some photographs and assist the media. My pictures are a good effort but I definitely need some practice. I'm better with creative shots, than action. The best part of the whole ordeal is that I am wearing my cute Italian suede boots today (remember, I'm the New Yorker) and forgot to bring snow shoes. I ended up borrowing my co-workers DC kicks and he's a guy and I'm a girl. Good thing I have big feet! I looked pretty goofy but at least I didn’t ruin my shoes and my feet stayed warm. Here’s a little slide show from this morning."

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