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Most over-achievers are annoying. Not when it comes to storms! Right @ISkiDeepPow? #Overachiever

Stretching for snow. The @UofUHealthCare spends more time in the gym than you at your job. Take their advise.

Bring a donation for the @utahfoodbank and ski ALL DAY tomorrow @brightonresort for $20. Bam!

$20 lift tickets for the rest of the season!

by Happy Painter March 25 2009 0 Comments

At Sundance Resort. Effective immediately all lift tickets are $20 ALL DAY for the rest of the season (April 5th). They've made the promotion even better this time by including Saturdays. That's right, this isn't just a Sun-Thurs offer, we're talkin' 7 days a week. (Child twilight tickets will remain the regular price of $16)

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To receive this special price, you must prove that you are one of Sundance's facebook fans. Simply go to your facebook profile, click on INFO and print out that page (your INFO page should show that you are fan of Sundance's page). Present this page to the Sundance Ticket Office to purchase your ski pass for only $20.

This offer is good for you and your family members who don't have a facebook page (i.e. your 7 year old son or your 62 year old grandma) Get your friends to become fans so they can ski or snowboard with you for only $20! Just remember to have them print out the INFO page.

Remember, this $20 offer is good for the rest of the season INCLUDING weekends. Call 801-223-4849 for more info. See you on the slopes!

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