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College Daze Slopestyle Comp - The Canyons - March 21st

by Happy Painter March 17 2009 0 Comments


From March 16th-21st, The Canyons will be playing host to college kids everywhere during their College Daze events.

Coming up on March 21st will be a Slopestyle comp between the students of area schools.  The entry fee is $10 per person and with a 09/10 on the line, the competition should be fairly entertaining.

-Join your school's team to compete against the other schools
-Complete registration and pay entry fee: 8:00am - 9:00am at Smokie's Bar and Grill, in the Resort Village
-Max of 20 competitors per school, 5 people per team (each team must have at least 1 female, 1 skier, 1 rider)
-Download a registration form and send in to your school's representative (see rep info below) in order to guarantee a spot on your schools team (only 20 participants per college, so register early!)
-Practice: 9:00 am - 11:00 am
-Event: 11:00 am start


-Overall Winner will receive FREE SEASON PASS for the 09/10 season
-Overall Team will receive SWAG bag full of goodies
-2nd and 3rd place prizes also available, TBD


-Click here to download the registration form for this event
-Fill out form and email or fax to your rep, info below.
-Only 20 members per school's team, first come/first serve registration process

UVV and BYU students contact info:

Donna Sheeran
Ph: 435.615.8082
Fax: 435.649.7374

WESTMINSTER & U of U students contact info:

Camberia Rollo
Ph: 435.615.3434
Fax: 435.649.7374

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