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Day One, Deer Valley

by Happy Painter January 25 2009 0 Comments

If you follow the Ski Utah blog a bit, you’ll notice that I don’t blog too often about having gone skiing.  That will change during the next 10 days.  I’m up in Utah and ready to attack.

Here are some of the highlights of Day One at Deer Valley:

The rat pack- I love skiing; my friends love skiing.  What better way to reconnect with friends than to spend it on the slopes together laughing, analyzing, or staring at the snow covered mountains around us?

img_4849-450x337 (img_4849-450x337)

The first times- My brother has only skied once in his life. The first time happened on MLK Day a few days ago.  The second time was yesterday.  [A side note- he is a recovering snowboarder and we remain optimistic for a full recovery.]  My brother decided to take part in the Lucky 13 package at Deer Valley and it was a great idea.  His instructor, Tom Gabourie, did a great job teaching him the ins and outs of skiing technique. By the end of the day 2 (ever), my brother was keeping up with the rat pack.  Ok, so that was a slight embellishment, but nonetheless he’s showing some great promise.

The food- Deer Valley= AMAZING.  In fact I think I’ll dedicate a full post at a date TBD just about the food available at Deer Valley’s lodges.  One preview- Turkey Chili, you can’t go wrong.

I’d like to also give a special thanks to Syd Keel in Deer Valley Customer Service- she helped me out big time yesterday.  My friend’s comment yesterday sums it- “Deer Valley just does it right.”  Agreed.

And don't forget about the Visa Freestyle International World Cup events this upcoming week at Park City and Deer Valley. Guaranteed good times.

Here’s to the snow falling right now!


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