Don't let the po po get you - Cottonwood Canyon Alerts

By Bob Winter \ December 10 2008

hol41 (hol41)Nothing stinks more than getting psyched for a monster powder dump the night before and getting to the mouth of Big or Little Cottonwood Canyon to find it has been shut down due to avalanche danger.  Here is the latest to save you a little heartache.

Enter the big mean local sheriffs.  They are responsible for closing the roads in Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons because of dangerous driving conditions or for avalanche control.

In past years canyon road closures have made for traffic nightmares.  They hope to alleviate the traffic problems they have seen in previous years.

The sheriff’s office said they will also be giving out tickets this year to people parked and loitering in the middle of the road.

This year the county has created a text message and email alert system that people can sign up for so you know before you go.

To sign up for the text or email alerts go to