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January is your month; time to stop giving excuses.

by Happy Painter January 11 2009 0 Comments

learn-a-snow-sport-icon (learn-a-snow-sport-icon)January is National Learn a SnowSport Month at alpine resorts, nordic centers and state and national parks across the United States.  For more information on the January National Learn a SnowSport initiative visit

Utah has served as a leader in this initiative and will once again be offering deals for beginners with its "Lucky 13" promotion. Utah's 13 alpine resorts have put together special packages for Utah residents that are fun and affordable. Whether learning for the first time, or simply brushing up unpracticed skills, these offers are the jackpot for people looking to ski or snowboard this January.

Locals are also invited to win a "learn to ski or snowboard" package for their family (two adults and two children) by visiting Simply log on, fill out the entry form and hope to be one of the 13 selected to win.

As the deals appear, I'll post them on the blog.  Or you can hop on over to the Ski Utah site where they are already posted.

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