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Liftopia - Ski More. Pay Less.

by Happy Painter February 17 2009 1 Comment

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This weekend I attempted a trip to Belize on Delta (which I didn't complete, no thanks to Delta - boooo hissss).  Other than flying from DFW to ATL and back to DFW in a matter of hours, I accomplished very little other than a wasted vacation day.  I was reading their in flight magazine and happened upon a blurb about Liftopia.  Liftopia is an online marketplace where you’ll find discount lift tickets to resorts all over the place, including right here in Utah.

I sampled a day in late Feburary and was pleasently surprised to see most of the resorts in Utah particiaping with varying levels of discount.

For example, a $54 lift ticket to PCMR or $67 for the Canyons.  Not bad at all.  Check out Liftopia and you might save some cash.

p.s. Delta- please let me know if you'd like to send me back to Belize in the near future.  My best friend had fun down there alone (since I wasn't there) and I'd like to experience Belize as well.  Oh and maybe you'll want to send me with my girlfriend so I don't have to go alone.


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