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Powderhorn chairs for sale at Solitude

by Happy Painter August 10 2009 2 Comments

powderhornlift (powderhornlift)

Anyone looking to own a piece of Utah ski history will have the opportunity this week when Solitude Mountain Resort begins selling the chairs from the old Powderhorn ski lift. The 1970's era double chairs can be purchased for $250 each, or $295 with the seat pad included.

The Powderhorn lift has been taken apart to make way for the new Powderhorn II, a fixed-grip quad that will be installed in time for the '09-'10 season. The new lift will start in a different location, halfway up the mountain, to make it easier for expert skiers to do laps on the steep runs while avoiding the beginner's area at the bottom.

Some long-time Solitude skiers may lament the fact that another classic double-chair is being retired, but having one in your backyard as a swing or bench means being able to sit down in the summer and imagine that you're on the Powderhorn lift, being being taken to the top of Solitude for a powder-day run.

For anyone who wants to take a look at the Powderhorn chairs, they are currently being kept in the lower parking lot. The chairs go on sale beginning Monday, August 9th and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. For more information, call Solitude Mountain Resort at 801-536-5752

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