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Provo and Orem - Movie Showings tonight at UVU

by Happy Painter November 21 2008 0 Comments

flyer1-1-400x600 (flyer1-1-400x600)

Regarding one of my previous posts about college student ski clubs, I just received notice of two movie shows going down at UVU with the Q Club.

Here's the info:

TONIGHT is the night of movie premier fun.  "Familia" and "See What I See" is going to be premiered at UVU Ballroom.  This is going to be a great event.   This event is going to be awesome.  The movies are super good, the riders are stoked to come, and the prizes are endless (there are boxes and boxes of items).  Get your crew and come check it out!

First 200 attendees get limited edition sunglasses.

Come get your Club Q Card

See What I See & Familia Movie Premier
Friday Nov. 21 @ UVU Ballroom
7:30 Doors Open
$5 paid club members $7 general public
Bring 4 cans of food = 2 free raffle tickets
*Buy tickets now at Milosport and Blindside

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