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Rossignol High Performance Test Center at Empire Canyon Lodge - Deer Valley

by Bob Winter March 21 2009 0 Comments

img_5115-150x112 (img_5115-150x112)Want to test out the latest equipment from Rossignol?  For free?  Head over to the far right of Deer Valley next to Empire Canyon Lodge to the Rossignol High Performance Test Center run by JANS.

I'm back in Utah for a few days of Spring Break skiing.  First up - Deer Valley.  We decided to spend the day on a new pair of skis, so we head over to the Rossignol High Performance Test Center.  After signing our lives away and handing over my credit card (in case we decided to keep our skis), we spent the day skiing the wonderful spring corn of Deer Valley.  Although the day ended up a bit cloudy, the lift lines were not long at all and many of the runs were nearly empty.  I was a bit surprised by the lack of people given that it's the middle of Spring Break.  But who am I to complain?

img_5129-450x337 (img_5129-450x337)

I can't mention Deer Valley without talking about the food.  It was amazing as always.  Can't go wrong with the Turkey Chili.

p.s.  Don't forget to  return your demo skis on time (2:30 pm if you have a tough time remembering).  Those JANS employees like to jet out as soon as they possibily can.

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I live for winter, from skiing to snowboarding to bobsledding to aprés skiing, it's all good. I live in Utah because it always snows here.

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