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by Happy Painter December 19 2008 0 Comments

2122552195_0e46e2ef85_m (2122552195_0e46e2ef85_m) …. via the Front Runner commuter light rail service from Salt Lake City to Ogden that could get you the best day of skiing/riding you’ve ever had at Snowbasin Resort.

Departs Salt Lake City at the end of the Trax transportation for the hour trip to Ogden.  Snowbasin will offer express van service to the mountain twice in the morning (~8:30 am & ~9:30 am) from the Ogden Depot... The roundtrip fare requires an upgradeable lift ticket purchase to include $10 per person. (Does not include train fare)The return trip to Salt Lake City will depart Snowbasin @ 4:30 pm to board the Front Runner @ 5:08 pm.   Sorry, there is no Front Runner service to Snowbasin on Sunday.

The concept of a "snow train" to Snowbasin is unique, but seems well suited as Snowbasin is the closest resort to the Front Runner depots. We anticipate service to begin December 20th through Saturday April 11th.

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