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Vanishing Bolivian Glacier Ends High Ski Run, Threatens Water

by Happy Painter August 5 2009 0 Comments

chacaltaya_glacier (chacaltaya_glacier)

It's not often that I'll mention Bolivia and skiing in the same sentence, but a recent story from Bloomberg should give us all some food for thought.  Hate it or love it, believe in it or not - global warming is a bit scary.

When the Chacaltaya glacier vanished six years sooner than scientists predicted, a victim of global warming, so too did the world’s highest ski run.

The loss of the 18,000-year-old glacier this year that loomed above Bolivia’s altiplano threatens to diminish water supplies to 2 million people clustered around La Paz, according to the World Bank, leaving Jade Dragon in China and India’s Gulmarg as the highest remaining ski areas for the adventurous.

We all need to think how our actions impact others and the world around us - or we all may be skiing on rocks.

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