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Who is Stein? And where can you find him?

by Happy Painter October 21 2008 0 Comments

Deals for lodging on the mountain in Deer Valley are usually few and far between.  Maybe it's just my perception of the mountain, but the majority of Deer Valley lodging options are multi-million dollar homes and condos.  This year promises to be a bit different with the economy as it is. I noticed this pretty sweet deal for the Stein Erikson Lodge. You can't beat the location nor the people watching. It has a who's who list of movie stars that cycle through there. Plus the lunchtime Skier's Buffet will put you on time out (in a very good way).

stein-300x300 (stein-300x300)

From December 9-25, 2008, guests can be treated to an unsurpassed, luxurious vacation with all that a Five-Star, Five Diamond mountain resort has to offer for $350 per room, per night. This rate includes Deluxe Bedroom accommodations and buffet breakfast. A minimum of a two night stay is required. Guests who book 4 nights will receive the 5th night free of charge. This rate is subject to availability based on double occupancy. To book reservations online visit or call 800.453.1302

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