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Brighton Powder Day

by Utah Author December 23 2008 0 Comments


dsc02049-450x337 (dsc02049-450x337)

Well, it happened, the whole mountain is open at Brighton. That's right, from Great Western, all the way over to the slippery slopes of Mt. Millicent; Brighton is all the way open. When I pulled into the parking lot today,  Millie was running, but seemingly without any passengers. The lot fellers pointed me over towards Great Western, and I ran up the hill. Probably my favorite part of the day was charging down the face, being a little to confident in my turn, and falling over backwards and sliding down the hill. 

That's right. I fell.



I got down to the lift to hear that Millie had just opened. Sweeter words had never passed my ears. After taking the short route across the parking lot, I found 21" of fresh, new, virgin snow waiting for me. Christmas came early. 

dsc02058-450x337 (dsc02058-450x337)

The ride up Milly was quick. Even after a year, I don't think that I am used to having a high-speed quad over on Milly.

dsc02057-450x600 (dsc02057-450x600)

With even more Snow in the forecast, this makes for a great week of skiing.

picture-2-450x119 (picture-2-450x119)

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