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Solitude, Season Opener: Recap

by Utah Author November 14 2008 0 Comments

dsc_0103-450x300 (dsc_0103-450x300)

Well, look at this, November 14th, and another mountain to shred has opened up here in great state of Utah. Solitude, which was the first to open last year, and had a reputation to keep up this time around. As I was driving up the canyon this morning, I have to tell  you. I had one of those perma-grins on my face. I was pumped that we have been so fortunate for the early snow this season. If y'all recall to last year, there was some early openings, then a huge draught in the snowfall. It took until early December before the snow really started falling. 

dsc_0146-450x301 (dsc_0146-450x301)

So, what's new at Solitude? Well, if high speeds lifts are your fancy, then you are in luck, there is a pair of them new this year, the Apex Express, and the Moonbeam Express. This, in my humble blogging opinion, is awesome. I love skiing at Solitude, my only complaint previously was the older lifts. This problem, now has been effectively eradicated. Getting to the top has never been easier.

dsc_0016-450x301 (dsc_0016-450x301)

dsc_0010-450x301 (dsc_0010-450x301)

dsc_0018-450x301 (dsc_0018-450x301)

dsc_0032-450x301 (dsc_0032-450x301)

dsc_0124-400x600 (dsc_0124-400x600)

dsc_0126-450x300 (dsc_0126-450x300)

dsc_0143-450x301 (dsc_0143-450x301)


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