Still got great turns at Solitude Mountain Resort

Happy Painter

By Happy Painter \ December 28 2008 \ 0 Comments

If you're wondering where the pow stays untracked for awhile, well, with a name like Solitude, it's a safe bet. With all the snow that's been hitting the Wasatch, there's been great turns to be had at every resort, but I'm always stoked to get on the swings at Solitude in the days after a storm passes.

Arriving at the lifts, we were greeted with no lift lines on a Saturday no less. The lack of lift lines isn't all that surprising... it's the norm at Solitude. Not once did we wait in a line all day.

After a quick warm-up, we lapped Evergreen and kept finding pockets of untracked, so back we went.  With an traverse that's not for the faint of heart, many skiers don't make it all the way to the goodies, but those who stay on target were rewarded with lap-after-lap of cut up and pockets of untracked pow--not bad... not bad at all. An excellent way to round out the week.

solitude1-450x3601 (solitude1-450x3601)
Empty Swings at Solitude Resort
solitude3-450x360 (solitude3-450x360)
Evergreen Holds the Goods

(Apologies for the camera phone pics... Trust me, it's still good up there.)

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