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Krista's Park: Brighton opens a terrain park for the gals!

by Mountain Mama December 26 2013 0 Comments

Brighton is know for its snowboarders and terrain parks.  I know since my child is being raised there!  But, sometimes when you have a look at all these awesome boarders, including my fellow blogger Park Rat Tom, it can be a bit intimidating.  

So, Brighton just opened up its first "gals only" terrain park.  Of course there is not someone monitoring the entrance with a "keep out" boys sign, but you get the idea. This is a place for the girls to take a slower pace, enjoy smaller features without the fear of being run over.

The name "Krista's Park" comes from a wonderful gal, Krista Moroge, who worked for Brighton for years and went on to work for Burton.  She was an avid snowboarder and her life ended too soon to breast cancer.  Brighton decided to dedicate a park to her as it was her passion and her vision to have a place where the gals could go and bond and board.

We'll be checking it out tomorrow along with the Pee Wee park that has just opened....Santa brought a new snowboard!

Happy Holidays!


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