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Missed Warren Miller's Playground?

by Utah Author October 31 2007 0 Comments


If you missed the Utah premier of Warren Miller's film Playground there is still time. In fact, most location weren't as lucky as Utah to get an early showing. But it's a double edged sword - now the wait for the season to start is unbearable. It was a roaring crowd at Abravanel Hall, especially when the Utah segment came on, and we expect you'll be roaring it up as you open your season with Warren.

Okay, okay, so Warren himself is retired and the film, although it carries his name is not the same as his films of yester-year. Chances are its bigger, better and more action packed. After all, it's still ski and snowboard action at its finest.

No matter how bad a winter is Warren Miller Films seems to find deep untracked powder nearly everywhere they go. Just like they did here in Utah last season. How was it that they would come to Utah the last week of February when it dumped nearly 4' of snow? I wish they'd come every week to Utah if that's the type of welcome they get.

Enjoy the trailer and be sure to find a showing near you. Then get out to Utah this winter to see just how deep it really is when it dumps.

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