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Powderhound Matt

By Powderhound Matt \ January 19 2012 \ 1 Comment

And just like that we are BACK!  That's kind of the way it works when you live in Utah.  All you need is one solid dump and it's game on.  I need to give huge thank you to the folks at Park City Mountain Resort for bringing in the Native American Snow Dance in last Saturday, because just like that we are on our way to receiving 3-5 feet of snow here in Utah by the end of next week.  I know you all did what needed to be done, wash your car, burn your old skis etc, but this group of powder starved Powder Pigs got even more creative. Good friend and ski pal, Jason Morgan put together what was the first and hopefully not annual Powder Ski Nastar Race. The turn out was great, the costumes were even better and the purse was large, try $200 to winner.  Our costumes and turns were quite possible so ugly and ridiculous that mother nature just couldn't hold back anymore and she had to unleash the furry.  Bring it! 

As I'm posting this it's currently snowing pretty here in Park City.

Here is what we were left with Thursday morning at PCMR.

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