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The Pineapple Express

by Powderhound Matt February 11 2014 0 Comments


If you follow the weather, you may have heard some new buzz words lately. Pineapple Express and Atmospheric River are two that have recently been thrown around regarding the most recent storm cycle that has overtaken the West.  

The Pineapple express is simply the term used to describe a Jet Stream of moisture that originates around the Hawaiian Islands and slams right into the West Coast.  An Atmospheric River in it’s simplest form is just a ton of moisture from the tropics that gets caught up in that Jet Stream and is then transported to places that don’t necessarily see those quantities of water in their storms.  Anyway, what the heck does all this mean?  Well simply put it means we receive copious amounts of snow and a ton of water weight in that snow.  In Utah we are normally recipients of the light, dry fluffy stuff. This storm and the next one coming on Thursday are anything but normal.  They are heavy wet dense storms, the stuff folks in California and Washington are used to. Heck I’ll take it, if it’s white and it’s falling from the sky, then I can promise you, you’ll never hear me complain. 

Here is a look at the Snowfall totals that Wasatch Snowforecast put together from our most recent event.   

“Final snowfall totals?  I just went through both resort reports and snotel data from the last four days.  Final totals look like this:”

  • Far northern Wasatch (Beaver Mtn):  >4 feet
  • Northern Wasatch (PowMow, Snowbasin, Wolf Mountain):  24-40″
  • Little Cottonwood:  32″
  • Big Cottonwood: 36-46″
  • PC ridge (Canyons, PCMR, DV):  28-38″
  • Sundance: 40″  

Enjoy the video I put together from Snowbasin, on Friday, Park City on Saturday, Canyons Sunday and Solitude Monday. You’ll get to see the storm from all over the Wasatch! 


Powderhound Matt

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Powderhound Matt

Matt Baydala

Matt Baydala, originally from Rockville Centre, New York, sniffed his way to Park City, Utah in 2006. Since then, he has built a career as a Park City restaurant manager to accommodate his skiing lifestyle. His passion and appreciation for the diversity of Utah’s wintersports product make him the perfect Powderhound. "For me skiing The Greatest Snow on Earth® is not just a hobby; it’s an obsession," exclaimed Baydala. "Now I have the opportunity to share this awesome life we live out here with the entire skiing community."

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