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And there you have it. #OneParkCity #skiutah

The Six Inch Rule

by Happy Painter December 30 2011 4 Comments

Kids on the Silverlode Chair at Park City Mountain Resort. (img_4357_kids_dont_care)

Seth Godin, a best-selling author, a well-known and admired guru to marketers, and an entrepreneurial visionary once said not to underestimate the value of positive cashflow when starting up your own new business venture. The key is to have enough. He said cash flow is like water. A fish doesn't care if it is swimming in 6 inches of water or 6 feet of water. 6 inches is enough for the fish to survive. Seth also recently blogged about his favorite restaurant in Park City, El Chubasco, which also happens to be one of my favorite restaurants. Thanks a lot, Seth. I just went there tonight with my family, and Chewies was so ridiculously crowded. And I blame you and your blog post for that. It was still good, though. And I bumped into some local folks I hadn't seen in awhile. But back to the fish, and the water, and the startup, and the cashflow. I'd say it's the same for kids and snow and skiing. Here we are, spoiled Utah skiers, lamenting the fact we've been short-shafted on waist-deep powder days this year. But then I think of my kid on Christmas day. New skis. Blue skies. Neighborhood posse of 2nd graders running wild at Park City Mountain Resort. No complaining about the snow. Kids don't care. 6 inches or 6 feet, they are still skiing and having fun. I wish I were still a kid. 


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