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New Years Day in the Backcountry

by Utah Author January 4 2008 0 Comments


On New Years Day I got myself out of bed and went on my first backcountry excursion with my buddy Scott. We started at Solitude and hiked up over Fantasy Ridge (probably one of the gnarliest "in-bounds" hikes you'll come across in the United States, to access Silverfork Canyon to the west of Solitude. The snow was fabulous and the sun was out. The avalanche danger was a little sketchy so we didn't shoot a whole lot of footage of the "down" portions of the day, concentrating on crossing our t's and dotting our i's to make sure that we'd make it back to the truck that night. Also, Scott was on a new Burton split that wasn't quite setup right making it hard to keep the nose up on it. We'll make some tweaks and get that baby cool running. We even ran into some friends at the top of the last run.

As always, if you're heading into the backcountry, even if it's right next to a resort, ALWAYS carry a beacon, a shovel, and a probe and bring a buddy. Riding on top of untracked powder is a great experience, but, getting buried under is deadly.

Another big storm is on the way. The winds are howling, but, after they pass they're should be several feet of snow coming our way. And it's going to keep going into next week. Click here for the Brighton forecast.


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