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Park City Spring Break

by Utah Author March 14 2007 0 Comments


Just like the rest of the week, it was another beautiful spring day in Park City. I started out by heading up the Payday lift. On the lift ride, I noticed some kids screaming at the top of their lungs as they rode the gravity fed Alpine Coaster. Then I rode up Bonanza before heading over to McConkey’s for some soft bumps. By the end of the day they are nice and soft, serving up slushy face shots. I don’t bother starting early morning in the spring unless it dumps. It’s better to let the snow thaw out from the previous night's freeze. That schedule works nicely with my sleep habits as well. After McConkey’s I figured I better head for the park. I don’t ski the park much. However the spring slush makes this the perfect time of year to work on some new tricks and style out old ones. After a few soft landings the confidence builds, and all you want to do is go bigger every time. Then at the end of the day I went up for one last cruiser. On the way down I noticed that Widowmaker was smooth with almost no bumps. The slush made it easy to feel like a hero opening it up down a run that I would normally have to make more turns down. I love spring skiing! Now I’m off to the next stop on the Freeskiing Tour. I’ll be back for the rest of spring break in a few days.


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