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Powder and Rails - Noah Salasnek

by Utah Author December 24 2009 0 Comments


Great to see that Noah Salasnek is getting his due thanks to VBS.TV.  I remember seeing him in H-Street videos as a kid.  Noah's style helped make snowboarding what it is today. Watch and learn.

It took over two years, but we finally got Noah Salasnek on tape. You can thank Chris Roach for convincing Noah to oblige us. When we met up to shoot the interview at Grass Valley skate park, Noah gave us a box of 21 tapes containing some of the most amazing skate, moto-cross, and snowmobiling footage Andy Hetzel ever filmed. We included as much of Noah’s personal archive as possible, but, as long as this episode runs, there just wasn’t room for it all.

This one goes out to the Noah nerds out there. Here’s what future legend JP Walker said in his attempt to encapsulate Noah’s beastliness: "Noah was one of the first people to bring a heavy, skate influenced style to snowboarding. The unique thing about that is he backed up all his technical jibbing and spinning with some of the beastliest big mountain lines ever. He could even rip it in the half pipe. In my opinion he is the greatest all round snowboarder that ever lived.”


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