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How to work full time and stay sane during the winter

by Park Rat Tom March 5 2014 0 Comments


The ski-bum lifestyle can be a hard one to break from, but there often comes a point where you have to chose between responsibility and having fun, which sucks. 

In an effort to suppress FOMO (fear-of-missing-out), I've compiled a short list of ways to stay sane, working for the man, during the winter.

1. Live vicariously through your friends via social media or follow the @skiutah instagram & facebook for complete immersion.

2. Watch your favorite ski/snowboard film before bed. That way, you can shred all night and still feel refreshed at work the next day.

Hot Dog, Ski School & Aspen Extreme are all good choices. 

3. Can't wait till the weekend? Night riding. Empty mountain, check. Headlamp, powder, check. Available at: Park City Mountain Resort, Brighton Resort, Brian Head Resort, Sundance Resort, Powder Mountain Resort & Wolf Mountain

p: Sean Kerrick Sullivan

4. Avoid the crowd. Go for a hike with a couple friends. Explore. Chances are you'll find a bunch of cool new zones and plenty of fresh snow. 

p: Tyler Blackburn

5. Quit your job. Because jobs stink anyway. 




Park Rat Tom

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Tom is a filmer and photographer originally from the East Coast. Follow his adventures in the Utah terrain parks and beyond all winter long.

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