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Rats On Cats

by Park Rat Tom January 29 2012 2 Comments

When I got the call from Brandon Ott at Ski Utah about cat skiing, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Skiing...with cats? Interesting. I knew squirells could waterski, and dogs could skateboard...but cats? I had to see this for myself.

img_0125 (img_0125)

I arrived at Timberline lodge around 8:00am. No sign of cats. I headed inside the lodge to investigate furrrthur.

img_0194 (img_0194)

Lots of cool retro signage. Crazy cat left on the left furrr sure. i'm getting warmer.

img_0190 (img_0190)

I had about an hour wait until the rest of the gang arrived, so I helped myself to some potatoes and mock-cobra sauce. Not too shabby. The breakfast burritos looked amazing. 

img_0191 (img_0191)

Riding up the lift with Ski/Ride Utah as well as Powder Mountain President Gregg Greer & Marketing man Pat Lundin. The ideal tour guides for an epic bluebird pow day.

img_0192 (img_0192)

Waiting for the cat to arrive. 'He must be a good skiier;' I thought to myself, '...a brave kitty indeed.'

img_0193 (img_0193)

Ohhh ok, I get it now. Gregg Greer pawses at the top of Lighting Ridge, scoping potential lines. 

img_0148 (img_0148)

Another view of the ridge. Plenty of powder to go around, no need to panic! shredding ensued...


Man that was fun!
img_0146 (img_0146)

My first taste of fresh Utah powder was purrrfect. I never want to leave meow. Oh yeah, this cat operation doesn't break the bank. One Lightning Ridge cat ride only costs $18. A big thanks to Powder Mountain for making it all happen, but I must return to the parks. See you next time!

-Park Rat Tom

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Tom Haraden

Tom is a filmer and photographer originally from the East Coast. Follow his adventures in the Utah terrain parks and beyond all winter long.

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