Don't Forget About Fall


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It is true that winter is knocking on the Wasatch front, with the arrival of the year’s first snow last weekend. However, rest assured that now is the best time of year to log a few more smooth single track miles or bank a few more park turns on a mountain bike. Around this part of the world, winter and snow tend to dominate one’s mindset, but stay in shape for the ski season and keep those pedals turning. Fall on a bike usually delivers dry and smooth trails accompanied by cool temps and turning colors, in short, a perfect riding environment.

Speaking of the Park City riding environment, the scene has and is changing fast. Park City is quickly establishing itself as a mountain biking hotbed with the recent creation of Trailside and (Shortcode Error: Could not find service named u'Canyons Resort' for tag [service path=canyons_resort/resort]Canyons Resort[/service]) new bike parks. Grab your two wheels, embrace the fresh air and don’t forget about fall.

Park City Television covers the freeride scene in Park City.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to stretch before you head out for your ride, and a banana and at least a pop tart should give you some energy.  Have fun riding this fall, keep on riding until we are all riding The Greatest Snow on Earth®.



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