Powder delivers Sushi

By Yeti \ January 17 2012

Utah’s mountains entertain the world this week with the arrival of X-Dance, the Outdoor Retailers Show and the Sundance Film Festival. Utah shall party, catch films and conduct business in style all week long with the return of snow. Monday’s new snow had Powder Magazine high-five’ing at Solitude Resort just in time to rock Powder Apparel Week. Powder Magazine and top apparel visionaries shredded right to the front door of the Thirsty Squirrel bar, where Hungry Tuna Sushi readied roll after roll.  The butterfly shrimp roll seemed to crush all expectation.  The festive evening continued with one cheers after the next, as Powder Magazine and apparel companies from around the globe kicked off a week of good times.  And of course, the week’s stormy snow outlook will be the center piece of all good times.