Pre-powder Panic: Are you ready?


By Yeti \ October 22 2010 \ 2 Comments

In Utah, a single day can change our season from warm and sunny to blizzardy awesomeness! Problem is, it's tough keeping up with the change.
As my Powder Panic (dont_panic)stoke-meter rises, due to snow in the forecast, my powder panic also begins to escalate. Lazy Yeti that I am, I have spent my autumn days basking in the sun, drinking cold brews and flipping through the pages of my favorite ski and snowboard mags. Below is a list of things I need to accomplish before the snow flies.

What’s on your powder-prep list?

1.) Get in shape (wall sits, crunches, lunges, crunches, ski porn, repeat)
2.) Buy season pass (which resort?)
3.) Mount bindings on new ski kit
4.) Tune skis
5.) Pull my ski stuff out of the box they have been hiding in under my bed. (Should I wash them?..nah!)
6.) Gnab a couple pairs of extra sock from roommates drawer (Hopefully they washed them.)
7.) Put snow tires and rack on car.
8.) Watch ski movies to study up on my new tricks
9.) Head to the raddest pre season party
10.) Start dreaming sweet powder dreams... SICK!

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