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Ending our day with one of the things that make pcski truly world class...skiing into town…

The pipe pcski is looking prime for the finals of the #ParkCityGP half pipe competition go…

My 12 year old daughter found that new snow pcski...and had an EPIC crash right after this…

RAMP (Riders Artists Musicians Project)

by Ski Utah Yeti November 7 2011 1 Comment


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Unless you’ve been living under a rock with Geico’s caveman, you’re probably well aware that another season of shred is here, a highly anticipated season where La Niña predictions are running rampant.  In case you’ve procrastinated like your college days and have no idea what ski or board you’ll float on top of this winter’s hype, consider RAMP, a new company out of Park City delivering skis and board from a fresh perspective.  

Have you ever heard of receiving a padded ski bag with each ski or board purchase?  RAMP is eliminating the need for thousands of shipping boxes by instead, sending out a reusable ski bag that is yours to keep.  RAMP also sports a green buy back program.  From green initiatives to a foot into the ski industry, the company takes a unique approach to hiring reps.  It’s pretty straight forward, once you purchase a pair of skis or a board, at that time you are qualified to be a RAMP rep.   

Oh yeah and by the way, RAMP products rip, as this one year-old company already sports sponsored athletes that landed XGame, Grand Prix and Dew Tour Medals. 

Now get out there and have the winter of your life.

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