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Happy #FourthOfJuly America. Feeling pretty festive about now. 👉Check our bio link to find…

Celebrate the 4th of July in the mountains. Our fav options found here. #fourthofjulyweekend

Eat well this #FourthofJuly weekend at one of these Farmers Markets. #skiutah

Utah Olympic Park to Reveal Major Upgrades this Saturday

Wonder what all the dust and noise has been about up at UOP? I visited today and got all the details!

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It's about the pants. . .snowboarding lessons at Brighton!

by Mountain Mama

January 29 2013    3 Comments

Lessons pay off. Plain and simple, don't try to teach your kids to ski or snowboard...too stressful on them and you. We've had a little snowboarding break, but we're back to boarding and Brighton and's about the pants.

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Jodi's favorite things-outfitting the kids head to toe!

by Mountain Mama

November 27 2012    8 Comments

Dressing the kids properly can be challenging. What jackets, gloves, hats and helmets are best? It is expensive, let's be honest. I cut corners in some areas and not in others. Here are my suggestions on how to get kids to the slopes warm and hopefully, affordable!

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First Burton Snowboard

by Ski Utah Yeti

November 15 2011    2 Comments

Check out the reaction caught on film as a four-year-old from Salt Lake receives his first Burton Snowboard. Maybe his life will be changed forever?

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Bren becomes a snowboarder at 4 at Canyons!  A special Burton board for the little guys!

by Mountain Mama

April 12 2011    0 Comments

I'm going to be the first to admit; I know nothing about snowboarding. But, I think I'm about to. Bren has asked to so "surfboarding" for awhile. See, for him, it's a surfboard. I'm a skier and I'll be honest, have really no desire to try boarding. I can barely navigate straight down the hill on my skis, how would I do it falling on my rear and sliding sideways? I'll leave it to my little guy. So, when a few months ago I found out about The Burton Riglet Tour at the Canyons, I had to check it out. It was a mini snowboard park set up for kids as young as 3 to try boarding. Keep in mind, that also means there needs to be a tiny board for them. Burton has introduced an 80 cm board for the little guys.

Activities Family and Kids Resorts Ski School Tips

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