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Utah produces more than fresh powder. Enhance your ski vacation with once-in-a-lifetime dining experiences. Restaurants that feature seasonal, local foods—using only what's available for their in-the-moment dishes—are bringing memorable meals to the plate.

By Pamela M. Olson illustrations by Malia Denali

Skiing in Utah is many things to many people. It's a lifestyle, a habit, an addiction. It's a family vacation, a girls' getaway, a dudes' downhill fiesta or a romantic escape. And now, it's a food-lover's destination. A trip to Utah means having access to not only some of the world's best slopes, but to some of the nation's best dishes as well. Over the last decade, the state's food scene has evolved, fostering young talent and keeping pace with national dining trends in creativity, approach and ingredients. Utah chefs have embraced the "eat local" philosophy, featuring fresh products that hail from every corner of the Beehive State. It's a symbiotic relationship: as diners desire and seek more locally-grown foods, restaurants turn to farmers to boost production and hence, more local items are grown. What we have is a thriving, healthy local food scene of which diners are the ultimate benefactor. We've tracked down some of Utah's most amazing home-grown products and traced them—literally, across the map—to the dishes they inspire. This year, enhance your own ski experience with these incredible dishes.

Featured Local Dish
Koosharem Trout

Raised in crystal clear waters in central Utah, these fish are ethically and responsibly harvested in the morning and on your plate in Salt Lake City within 18 hours. They're hand-fed and grown in water that does not intersect with public aquifers or systems, nor is it recycled. After the water flows through the fish once, it is diverted for irrigating crops on the farm and cattle ranch.

Where to try it: Talisker on Main. An intimate, elegant restaurant in the heart of Historic Park City. Inventive menu with dressed-up, down-home dishes such as fried chicken with shelling beans or lobster beignets.

The Dish: Koosharem Trout with clams and mussels, paired delicately well with the bite of fennel, pepperoncini and picholine olive.

515 Main Street, PC,, (435) 658-5479

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