8 Reasons to Ski the Interconnect Tour

By Yeti Jan 20, 2015
One of the hottest ski experiences in all of North America, the Ski Utah Interconnect Tour. Here's 8 reasons you should check it out.
8 Reasons to Ski the Interconnect Tour

Okay, so in this social media age of #selfies and "look what I did today" mentality, here's one for you. The Ski Utah Interconnect Tour. Whether you're a local shredder or live in a big city, this is your ticket to ski through Utah's incredible backcountry, guided by Ski Utah's expert guides who will serve up backcountry turns for you while linking four to six resorts all in one day. A day like this is worthy of serious bragging rights. This one-of-a-kind European ski tour can be had right here in the heart of Utah's Rocky Mountains. 

Here are 8 reasons why you should sign up for the Interconnect Tour today: 


#1 - The Guides are Sexy. Guide Bios

Sexy guides


#2 - Spend the day with an incredible group of people.

 Meet the group


#3 - The safe way to ski the backcountry. Ski Utah has operated this tour for 30 years and maintains a perfect safety record. Ortovox beacons are provided to you for the day. 

 Safety First


#4 - Terrain you've always dreamed about. 

Dreamy Terrain


#5 - Turns you've always dreamed about. Hey Ma' look at me. 

 Powder Turns


#6 - You're guaranteed to smile throughout most parts of the day. The serenity of the Utah backcountry has the impact on us all. 

 Smiles on the travers


#7 - Everyone loves a little exercise. Don't worry, there's surprising little traversing for how many turns you'll log. 

Entire group traverses


#8 - A sense of accomplishment! Or, let's be honest, bragging rights for when you get back home or to the office. 

We just skied that!


These Eight reasons barely even get the conversation going, there's so many more amazing things about this day, like free lunch and the chance to sample more resorts than people ski in one year. Seriously, this is the year to give the Interconnect Tour a try. 

Did you know? You can book your own private tour

That's it, that's all, let us know if you have any questions. In the meantime here's more dreamy photos from a recent tour that went out the second week of January 2015. 

Watch the video from the same day