Are You A Weekend Warrior?

By Powderhound Cat Feb 15, 2013
Everything Powderhound Cat ever knew has changed. She's been promoted from ski bum to employed mountain lover.
Are You A Weekend Warrior?

This is the hardest post I’ve ever had to write.

My last few years have been spent running around Utah, skiing day after day, week after week, all winter long. I’ve tried my best to tell you about my growth as a skier, the lessons learned, and how it can help you. Now I need your help.

I recently had a really big life change that has resulted in me becoming part of a different class. You might call it the working class.

I’m now a weekend warrior.

Realistically I know that so many of the snow lovers in our state (and even those that fly in to visit) are in this same boat. But I had no idea what an adjustment it would be! Now you know why I’ve been a little quiet over here, and can probably relate. I hope you missed me. I’m all adjusted now. Waking up early, grabbing business attire in lieu of gore tex, and commuting down the canyon instead of heading up. Despite how terrible that must sound in contrast with my previous lifestyle, it's taught me a few lessons as well as reinforced some others that I needed to learn again.

Every day on skis is a good day. Every one. We're quite spoiled in Utah in case you didn't know- I look around at the faces of those who don't call Utah home, and they're almost always smiling. Often on days where we consider the conditions less than favorable.

The pros of being a weekend warrior? Staying up on the hill all day, not quitting early, taking that lunch, enjoying that cocktail. My ski gear smells 87% better these days. My 6th toe is (a bit) less gnarly.

Sure there are cons: getting up early 7 days a week, ignoring my laundry until 10pm Sunday night, and the biggest one – seeing any update or powder shot (especially from @iskideeppow or @myaltaUT) while I’m confined to my desk.

We’re fortunate in Utah to have great conditions daily – and I’m taking advantage every Saturday and Sunday that I can. I know it’s a push, and I hope we can all support each other and get up and out to enjoy it. It’s worth it every time I get up the hill to push off the top of the ski lift, breathe the fresh air and look at the gorgeous scenery. In fact, I couldn’t do the day job without that release and joy.

I’ve got this new perspective that I bet is more relatable, and I want to hear your tricks and suggestions for how you enjoy and make the most out of your weekends in the mountains. Leave me a supportive tip in the comments, and I’ll see you on the weekends, y’all. Here's what I've learned so far, the first rule of Weekend Warrior Club: let everybody know you're a weekend warrior. Mostly with dancing, nerdy skiing, and a lust for the ski life that people that do it every day sometimes forget about.

*Let it snow mostly on weekends*

Powderhound Cat