Flying Fitness!

Flying Fitness!

Active Alyssa

By Active Alyssa \ April 7 2017

Although ski season is wrapping up, there is no need to lose your fitness focus, or to stop actively working towards your healthy lifestyle goals! Before saying goodbye for the summer, I wanted to provide some "Flying Fitness" tips for you to take wherever you may travel next! 


Many people get off track while traveling and forget about making healthy choices. There are ways to keep your body healthy and moving to successfully reach your next destination!   

1. Get adequate sleep. Travel can be stressful, and being alert to your surroundings is important. Getting a good night's sleep improves memory and decision making that is required for a busy time at the airport.  

2. Wear tennis shoes or comfortable shoes. You never know when you'll need to run through terminals to catch your next flight or stand in line for long periods of time through TSA. Wearing good walking shoes is also a good idea so you can walk laps around your terminal while you wait for your boarding time. Be as active as possible, and always take the stairs if you are able!

3. Pack your own snacks. "Cookies or Crackers?" They may ask. But you will say, "No thank you" because you will think ahead and pack your own plane snacks. Veggies and hummus, cut up fruit, trail mix, or dry popcorn are great choices to keep around in small containers when traveling domestic. You will be less tempted to eat poor food choices if your bring your own healthy snacks.  

4. Keep a refillable water bottle with you. TSA will not allow filled water bottles due to liquid restrictions, but if you pack a refillable water bottle in a carry-on bag, it can be filled in the airport after you has passed the TSA checkpoint. This will allow you to stay hydrated and not have to pay around $4.00 for a bottle of water at the airport.  

5. Wash hands and sanitize. Many people who may be sick travel through airports and do not have the best hygiene practices. Try to limit your contact with surfaces that may be contaminated, and wash hands before eating when you can. Keep hand sanitizer with you to decrease the spread of germs. 

6. DVT prevention. When sitting for long periods of time during travel, blood can pool in your legs causing risk for blood clots or a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) to occur. Make it a point to get up at least once every hour (if the seatbelt sign is off) to stretch out or walk to the bathroom. When you are seated, do ankle pumps, ankle circles, glue squeezes, and alternate knees up and down for seated marches. This will help blood flow while you're immobile on the plane.  

There you go, you have reached your final destination and you are now ready to get moving! Be as active as you can during your trip and be mindful with all of your choices! Enjoy these last couple weeks of spring skiing!


~XOXO, Bring on the SNOW!

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