Powderhound Cat's Christmas Wish

Powderhound Cat's Christmas Wish

By Powderhound Cat \ December 24 2010

This is the best storm I've ever skied - waist deep for days! Great skiing for over a week - the videos don't do it justice. Whether you were first chair day after day (me) or waiting patiently for your favorite spot to open, without a doubt Utah has seen an amazing holiday season kick off. With any luck for the rest of you, it isn't to late to book that trip! I'll leave you with a poem inspired by the weather, and see you after the holidays!



‘Twas the night before Christmas

and all through the state

No one could stop talking

about how the skiing was great.


“Snowvember” had given way

to “Deepcember” with force

It was each and every Powderhounds

dream come true, of course!


Excitement and choruses

of “Woo Hoo”s filled the air

and it took the Yeti hours

to shake the snow from his hair!


Everyone eventually had cocoa

then went off to bed

while visions of epic powder lines

danced in their heads.


If you are so lucky,

wish with all your might

That Santa will bring you a Utah trip

for “Shreduary”delight!


We hope he’ll bring presents

and ski gear for all of ya-

and that he isn’t snowed in

...or out skiing at Alta.


utah (utah)


Merry Christmas Powderhounds!


*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat